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“We are Fashionable in Green”

A bottle that is more than a just water container!

We need to adapt a plastic-free lifestyle to our modern culture. With the persuit of perfection in product design, wbottle innovated the traditional water bottle with an avant-garde approach -"Sustainable Fashion Accessory".


wbottle is more than to just contain water. It is a vessel, a modern assceeory with a touch of class that contains personality and exhibit style. A new icon of fashion accessories defined by its unique curves formed by the lightest materials, yet keeping the desired temperature and aesthetic to project the sense of luxury.


wbottle has been doing an ongoing project, participating with a variety of shows and events to promote and spread the idea that "Fashion goes Green".


Invited by the Lumiere fashion show to host "Earthy Vibes Only" event to promote plastic waste reduction, supported by numerous fashion designers, models, and other local celebrities.


wbottle,是一个专注于环保领域的时尚品牌,以绿色减塑为核心理念,主打产品为不锈钢真空保温杯。wbottle 创立于2016年,总部位于中国香港特别行政区,主营产品为wbottle-fashionista 和wbottle-artist 两大系列保温杯。



fashionista 系列

  宝石 Stay Classy 色系

  星光 Sparks Fly 色系

  珊瑚 Coral Coral 色系

  炫彩 Diamond HUE 色系


artist 系列

  “Do Something Green”系列

  Skyline 系列





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