A Tritan™ mouthpiece prevents the metallic taste from stainless steel. Tritan™ obtained the clearance from FDA for food contact applications. 

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It is BPA-free and 100% safe especially the use on baby contact product which commonly used in the occidental region.




Quick view to handle your favourite teas.

Suitable for brewing flower, fruit tea and various beauty health teas. The large-capacity tea infuser has enough space for tea leaves to unfurl and breathe.


Mirror Finishing

Streamlined Shape

Brilliant Colours

A smooth and shiny surface

Details make difference.

A gorgeous appearance of w.bottle works with luxury cars’ paint finish thoroughly express the personality of you.

Light Weight

400ml Triple-walled vacuum flask weight:
250g / 269g (with tea infuser)

Sexy and minimalist

3WALLED_WB(7).721 copy.jpg

Long-Lasting insulation

Triple-insulated Vacuum Flask, 

high-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

Keep warm 12hrs, keep cold 24hrs.
No burning when hot, no sweating when cold.

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All colours