Why w.bottle?

We might be ordinary, while we are doing something extraordinary. When green environment is becoming our biggest concern, we would like to give a hand from our designs. To us, design is something makes our world look better, easier and more convenient. Environmental friendly and design should be working hand in hand. W. Bottle is your wonderful choice for your eco-friendly chic.

What does w. means?

A: The “w” means infinite possibility. Let w. bottle start your reusable life, with no limitation. Drink whatever you want, wherever you wish and whenever you like!

Am I able to drink whatever I like?

Yes! It is exactly an easy-going bottle. If you say, you would like to drink a cup of Chinese tea in the morning to wake yourself up; you are able to cover with our particularly designed tea infuser and brew your fabulous morning tea.
If you say, you want to have ice detox water in the afternoon, you are always welcome to put your favorite fruits and ice cubes into the bottle and cover with our particularly designed ice blocker to avoid any ingredients or ices dropping from the bottle to your mouth. More Share your creativities of your crazy, healthy and wonderful drinks with us by #wbottle

A warm but serious reminder for you: if you are fancy with the fizzy drinks or you would like to get a small bottle of bubbling beer or champagne to surprise your BFF or your darlings; please ensure you are opening the lid carefully to avoid any unexpected spray allover your room, clothes or even your face which make your day “amazing” due to the fizzy bubbles pressure from the bottle.

How to wash my w.bottle and the accessories?

w. bottle and the accessories, including the infusers and ice blockers are NOT dishwasher safe. We suggest you to wash them gently with warm water after every use. For deep cleaning, it is also recommended to wash it with baking soda to consume less dishwashing liquid. Once washed, please place the bottle upside down and let the water drain with cap and accessories off. Dry accessories up with dry cloth.

Can I keep my drink fresh with w.bottle?

w.bottle keeps your cold beverage for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Remember this is NOT a portable refrigerator but a bottle that keeps your drink with certain temperature only.

Can I fly with w.bottle?

Yes, sure. Just make sure your bottle is empty.

Will my w.bottle sweat if I have my ice coffee?

Our double walled technology allows you to have cold beverage with no sweating; more importantly, it avoids burning fingers when you are holding your hot beverage with w.bottle. We want you to drink conveniently and safely.

Can I put w.bottle in the microwave oven to heat my milk up?

w.bottle is made by 18/8 stainless steel; please make sure you will NOT put it in the microwave oven. If you want to have any hot beverage, it is better for you to heat up the drinks before pouring into w.bottle. It keeps warm for up to 12 hours.

How about freezer? Can I freeze my drinks with w.bottle?

We Do Not recommend you to do so; this is due to the safety issue. We do not want your w.bottle to get any damage, especially the thermal capacity. Just pour your icy drinks into w.bottle, it is able to keep the drink cool for up to 24 hours. We always know you might go workout after your hard day, and w.bottle is always here to be your chill prop.

Can I put ice cubes into my w.bottle?

Yes of course. w.bottle mouth fits in with the standard ice cube size, so you are able to put ices in it. Don’t forget to cover with the ice blocker; we don’t think you will enjoy a shocking and abrupt greeting from the ices.

Can I brew tea with my own tealeaves?

It’s definitely not a problem. We have particularly designed a tea infuser for your w.bottle. You are able to brew your favorite tea with w.bottle.

Where is my w.bottle manufactured?

w.bottle headquarter and creative design team is based in Hong Kong and our products are manufactured responsibly in China.

What is my w.bottle made of?

Your safety is always our biggest concern. w.bottle body is made of 18/8 stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean. Most importantly, it is safe for containing food or beverages; as there is no chemical can be migrated into your drinks from it. w.bottle mouth is made of Tritan that is shatter resistance. It also avoids thermal shock with BPA-free. It is also an odour, taste and stain resistance material that minimizes the bad aftertaste experience. The most crucial thing of this material is able to do great decoration that enables us to dress our bottle up in a super fancy way.

How to pay for my w.bottle?

We accept PayPal and bank transfer (only available in Hong Kong). For more details, please refer to our payment methods.

Can w.bottle ship to everywhere?

Yes, we can. We do worldwide shipping. We have the shipping arrangement for the following areas: China, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. For other areas or countries, please send us email: info@wbottle.com for further arrangement.

How much does shipping cost?

We do limited free delivery service. Please refer to our Delivery Guideline for details.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Products will be shipped once the order and payment is completed. For Hong Kong delivery, shipment takes around two to three days. For overseas delivery, based on different areas or countries, it generally takes around two to four weeks. Please refer to: Delivery Guideline for more information.

What carrier does w.bottle use?

S.F. Express (Hong Kong), Yunda Express (Mainland China), Hong Kong Post e-Express (outside Hong Kong and China)

Any product exchange regulations?

Seriously, we do not hope you have such bad experience in your purchase. While if this really happens, we have the following arrangement with conditions for your reference. Please refer to: Exchange Policy