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The new Diamond Hue is a swirling wants that irresistibly draws you into life’s whirlwind. Today, the collection has expanded to include a new creation, Diamond Hue, a collection of stainless steel bottles adding more vibrancy, sparkle, and sophistication into our lifestyle.

"Depending on the light, it offers different effects, reflecting a new shade at every angle."


wbottle has an elegant shape with a wide variety of colours, it has got massive attention from fashion brands and expertise in the fashion industry. With the innovative display and pink neon light stated “Earthy Vibes Only”, it has made big attention in the fashion show and sending a message of wbottle is the next trending item, save the ocean begin with this little fashion accessories.

The company’s signature W.bottle is born from the expert hands of demanding, meticulous and passionate artisans and has been the hall-mark of sophisticated and elegant allure. In everyday life, it is important to keep hydrated and radiant, carrying the Bottle as an elegant yet sturdy accessory keeps you on the top class of fashion trends.

"The large detachable infuser that ensures your beverages, whether tea or coffee retains a strong aroma and the taste. Invariably, the collection process follows the same ritual: touching, feeling, examining, observing and scrutinising every millimetre."

Single-use plastics have contributed to huge rubbish patches in the oceans, resulting in harmful and poisonous substances produced when water is stored in plastic bottles. Scientists have warned that, unless things change soon, the amount of plastic in landfill or in the oceans will exceed 12 billion tons by 2050.

Whether we know it or not, we all need a personalised bottle in our lives to change the world. If you are tired of drinking our of trash, join the plastic revolution with us and remove the toxicity out of your lives. Saving the environment will make you look stylish as well.

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